AWS ACM PCA (Private CA)

I was trying to figure out storage for private root CA management today at work and started reading about the new AWS ACM PCA feature. The feature sounded really cool and relevant to what I am doing so I wanted to use it.


Thoughts on ECS

I spent the last couple of days looking at the new ECS introduced by Unity. In general I don’t think its anything new, and they were already using Component based architecture. I think the biggest architecture change is that they are shifting where you put your Update call. Another change that that they are introducing is that they are replacing GameObject and Component with something that is super light weight (as struct).

TL;DR; They are taking the property of GameObject/Component and moving it into Entity/ComponentData, and moving all logic into System with fancy selector to run logic on ComponentData.


Its Alive!

Its about time I brought something up on this domain! I don’t have much time but my situation isn’t going to change much so now is better then any.

You’ll mostly find programming/technology related things here since that is my interest as well as my day to day job.