Software is in my blood and that’s what I tend to spend most of my time doing. I do a lot of programming, but I’m interested in pretty much anything related to creating an application.


I started programming back in 1992 when I was 10 on my 486DX2 in C from a book I found at the book store at the time. From there I’ve touch a lot of programming language and learned a lot of things from them. I’ve done my fare share of assembly programming back in the day as well.

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I have been working with so many more language beyond this in the past few years and I have worked on native c/c++ server component to desktop/mobile application written in various languages professionally. On spare time I play around with technology I don’t get to use at work.


I’m currently working for Onica (formally Netbrains) as a Lead Software Engineer. We are an AWS consulting shop and I write a lot of software around AWS services.